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Why Aquafadas?


Pay when you publish.

Don’t become a victim of your own success! With Aquafadas, you’ll pay the same price whether your app sells a hundred copies, or a million. In other words, no surprises. One time fee, pay only when you publish. That means no cost-per-download and no revenue sharing. Ever.


visu indesign authoringInfinitely scaleable.

Wherever your organization is headed, we can help you get there. Aquafadas provides the most comprehensive set of tools on the market, with solutions tailored to companies of every size and adaptable to every workflow



illus guided readingA seamless reading experience.

We understand that a clunky or confusing interface can cause readers to lose interest in even the best content. With that in mind, our team has developed a uniquely intuitive user experience to showcase your content. Our Guided Reading system allows your content to take center stage, allowing for a beautiful, distraction-free reading experience.

In addition, we offer an extensive palette of over 40 interactive enrichments that can take your content to the next level—including video and slideshow capabilities, 360° viewing, location services, games and many more.


visu adaptable edu

Super adaptable.

Whatever format you’re in, and whatever format you’re going to, we’ve got you covered. Our system imports from major file formats, and exports to iOS and Android apps, ePUB format and HTML5 web reader.

Whether you’re converting PDF to ePUB, InDesign to HTML5 or any other combination you can think of, Aquafadas has the tools you need.


illus cloud connect audience

The data you need.

Our system allows you to measure key performance metrics of your publication in order to optimize advertising and create the right content for your audience.

Get demographic and location information on your readership, see which areas of your content are attracting and retaining the most attention, and oh yeah, track it all automatically in the analytics platform you’re already used to.




visu push

Get engaged.

The key to any successful publication is audience engagement. Getting the users is only half the battle—keeping them engaged is another story, and Aquafadas offers a range of marketing tools that can help you do just that.

We can help you gather information on your readers such as demographics and location, then put that information to work by engaging your audience with tools like push notification and in-app messages. 


money honey

It’s all about the money, honey.

Creating great content may be the goal, but we know you still have to pay the bills. And with monetization tools like in-app purchases and the ability to cross-promote content, Aquafadas makes it easier than ever. 

Cross promote your content, create calls to action, gather marketing and contact data via subscription forms–all with our easy-to-use marketing toolkit.


visu help

Need help? We got you.

Here at Aquafadas, we value each and every one of our clients. Our technical support community is extensive and we have a team dedicated to making sure you have everything you need to create, publish and market your content. So give us a shout, we love feedback!

In addition, our user forum exists as a community for visual creators and content developers. Here you can find inspiration for new ideas and interact with other Aquafadas users to learn the creative ways in which they’re utilizing our tools.


For further information about Aquafadas tools and pricing, please Contact Us




Digital Magazine Solutions

Design, publish and distribute interactive digital magazines to every platform.

Create the ultimate digital reading experience without coding.

Convert your existing print layout, or build new content from scratch within Adobe InDesign. Use our 40+ content enrichment tools to add interactivity to your app, creating a truly immersive reading experience. Then, easily package your content into a mobile app for iOS or Android.

 Sell your publications.

Thanks to in-app purchases and subscriptions, your app becomes a new source of revenue. Easily manage your app and the content you sell with ready-to-use templates and a management portal.

 Stay in touch with readers.

With powerful engagement tools like push notifications and message management, you can easily communicate with your readers and build a highly engaged user community.

 Promote your brand.

Create your own branded app without writing a line of code! Start from scratch or choose one of our easy-to-use templates and begin building your app. Once you’ve finished, simply create an account on Apple App Store, Google Play or Amazon and submit your app. 

 Know your audience.

Link your app to your Google Analytics account and discover all the information you need to optimize digital advertising and improve your content reach.


Build your readership.

visu analitycs

Connect to your existing database.

With Database Connection, publishers can integrate their app with an existing database of users or print subscribers. Readers can create a personal login to the app, which allows publishers to monitor and control access to their content, and creates a valuable opportunity to engage your readership.



visu pushCommunicate with your readers.

Using in-app messages and push notifications, it’s easy to communicate with your readers regularly. In-app messaging offers the ability to send messages to users inside your app, and is unobtrusive to the reading experience—while push notifications are perfect for alerting users of new issues, features or to re-engage with readers who haven’t opened your app recently. We offer a high level of control and targeting, including demographics, location and more.



For further information about Aquafadas tools and pricing, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or Tel +852 28114228




Making business mobile.

Build powerful sales enablement tools and corporate communications apps using your in-house creative team. Our tools make it possible to create interactive, cross-platform mobile applications without coding.

Who is it for?

Corporate communications is all about connecting people, and we built our digital publishing tools with that in mind. Build engaging L&D apps, create beautiful corporate magazines or design compelling digital marketing content and publish it instantly across your entire sales organization—all without the need for custom development.


With the Aquafadas digital publishing system, it’s easy to create:

  •  Mobile Applications
  •  Product Catalogs and Brochures
  •  Sales Enablement Tools
  •  Technical Documentation
  •  Internal Corporate Communications

Everything you build with our system can be fully branded and interactive. Create and enhance your content easily with no coding experience, or use our SDK to develop advanced projects.


In addition, we offer special tools and features tailored for business and catalog applications. These include:

  •  Website eCommerce Integration
  •  Offline Shopping
  •  Inventory Connection

Speak with a sales representative for information on how we can integrate these and other enterprise features.






eBook Publishing Solutions

Aquafadas gives you the tools to create interactive digital editions of your titles and market them successfully on every major e-book platform and app store.

Who is it for?

We offer digital publishing solutions for authors and book publishers. Our software makes it easy to create interactive content for e-readers, smartphones, tablets and the web. With Aquafadas, you can build your content in Adobe InDesign and publish in one click, or instead, use our easy Cloud Authoring system to automatically convert print layouts to render perfectly on digital devices.


With the Aquafadas Digital Publishing System, it’s easy to create:

  •  Fixed-layout ePUBs for eReaders
  •  Reflowable-layout ePUBs
  •  iOS Apps for iPhone and iPad
  •  Android Apps
  •  Branded Web Readers

Everything you build with our system can be fully branded and interactive, offering a uniquely engaging experience for your users. Create and enhance your content easily with no coding experience, or use our SDK to develop advanced projects. 

Create once, publish everywhere

One reason Aquafadas is unique in the digital publishing world is that we offer both cloud and InDesign-based tools. Which tool you need depends on your organization’s individual needs.

Cloud authoringCloud Authoring


InDesign AuthoringInDesign Authoring

Cloud Authoring is a user-friendly system for converting documents into interactive publications for the web and mobile devices. This is an excellent choice for publishers who already have a layout designed, but want to add interactive elements and convert it to display beautifully on mobile devices or within a branded web app. Start with a PDF, JPG, PNG or TIFF file—finish with an ePUB file or mobile app for iOS or Android.

Our InDesign Authoring system allows you to build feature-rich content in Adobe InDesign to be published within an app that you create using our AppFactory tool. InDesign Authoring is ideal for building born-digital apps and publications with an advanced degree of complexity, without the need for any coding or development. Start from scratch or import your layout, finish with an ePUB file or mobile app for iOS or Android.




saySay Goodbye to Boring Training Courses

Why bore your learners with dull PDFs when you can create interactive training they’ll love? Aquafadas eLearn lets you create engaging digital training that lets you:

• insert student evaluation,
• add informative videos,
• include multiple images,
• link to relevant pages on the web.


As Simple as Drag and Drop

You don’t need to be a developer or designer to transform your PDFs into interactive digital training. Create engaging digital content in just 3 easy steps:

1. Import your PDF file (Guided Reading is automatically applied),
2. Add media, calls-to-action and quizzes with simple drag and drop controls,
3. Publish immediately and receive a link to the final content.



Easy Share your Training Content

You can publish and share your digital training via a simple link.

• Place your training content on your LMS platform,
• Share the content by email,
• Access the content during training sessions. 



trackTrack Learner Progress with TinCan xAPI

You can track every action your learners take in Aquafadas eLearn and receive the results directly in your LMS, thanks to TinCan xAPI communication.
Access data on quizzes, self-assessments, surveys and level validations.




e-Learning Software Solution

Aquafadas eLearn is a software suite for creating interactive training, accessible from any computer, smartphone or tablet. Without writing a line of code!


For further information about Aquafadas tools and pricing, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or Tel +852 28114228