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Making business mobile.

Build powerful sales enablement tools and corporate communications apps using your in-house creative team. Our tools make it possible to create interactive, cross-platform mobile applications without coding.

Who is it for?

Corporate communications is all about connecting people, and we built our digital publishing tools with that in mind. Build engaging L&D apps, create beautiful corporate magazines or design compelling digital marketing content and publish it instantly across your entire sales organization—all without the need for custom development.


With the Aquafadas digital publishing system, it’s easy to create:

  •  Mobile Applications
  •  Product Catalogs and Brochures
  •  Sales Enablement Tools
  •  Technical Documentation
  •  Internal Corporate Communications

Everything you build with our system can be fully branded and interactive. Create and enhance your content easily with no coding experience, or use our SDK to develop advanced projects.


In addition, we offer special tools and features tailored for business and catalog applications. These include:

  •  Website eCommerce Integration
  •  Offline Shopping
  •  Inventory Connection

Speak with a sales representative for information on how we can integrate these and other enterprise features.